Someone’s in Need? Farmers to the Rescue!!

Farmers are great in so many ways.  I’ve often heard it said that if you want to find a young man with a strong work ethic, go find a farm boy!!  Those young men can put most of their peers to shame.  But, if you will forgive my “stereotyping” for a bit, farmers are great for many reasons.  Not the least of which is their great big hearts.  Farmers are quick to jump in and help when they see a neighbor in need.  Today’s post is just one more example of this.  Thank you to Denise S. for letting us know about this story.  Phil Killinger, a farmer in Carson, Iowa, was getting ready to harvest his crops when he found out that he had cancer of the liver and was unable to do the harvest that needed to be done.  What happened next would probably seem like a miracle to many of us, but to many of Phil’s farmer neighbors, it was just the “neighborly thing to do”.  After word of Phil’s predicament spread throughout the community, out of nowhere, 8 combines, 12 grain carts and semi after semi descended upon Phil’s farm.  They said that they probably pulled between 25,000 and 30,000 bushels out of his farm in about two hours’ time.  Dozens of volunteers just jumped in and helped.  One great neighbor said that he knew that Phil would have been the first one to jump in and help them with their farm if they ever needed it.  Yes — in my opinion, we can learn a LOT about life (and how to live a better one) by watching a farmer!!  God bless our nation’s farmers!!

Now…Go have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)