Young Hockey Player Is A Hero In My Book

Hockey has come a long way in the United States to become more and more popular of a sport.  I admit that, unlike basketball, football and baseball, hockey is still a sport that I don’t understand all that well.  There are a lot of the rules that I don’t understand, but I sure understand today’s ALGN video about a young hockey player that became a hero of mine.  Some of you may feel that this is not all that great of a post.  I agree that it really isn’t news and may not tug at the heartstrings as some other posts have.  Yet, I still believe that this young hockey player, in two minutes, delivers a strong and poignant message for us all.  Most of us have been in the situation where someone else wants to play with us at whatever game or sport we are all playing.  Do you remember how you felt when that person was just not anywhere nearly as good as everyone else that was playing.  Too often, the reaction is to push the person aside and go on with your game.  In today’s video, you will see a young boy who obviously isn’t yet comfortable in skates.  He takes to the hockey rink, but it is almost all he can do to stay up.  Others are skating around him (wishing, I am sure, that he would get off the ice).  But, one young hockey player stops what he is doing and helps work with the newbie, giving him encouragement and teaching him some skills so that he could have a good experience.  With his example, others follow suit.  Even the goalie understands to get out of the way and let the new hockey player score his first goal.  Okay, so I know today’s post is not “news” and perhaps it really is much less powerful than many of our other posts.  But, I still thought it would be a great way to start out our week.  Each of us can learn something from this young “hockey hero”.  The lesson is that we each would do well to step away from being so selfish and look to help others.  That will bring us MUCH more happiness than just continuing to try to find it via worrying about ourselves all the time.  Out of the mouths (and, in this case, the “hockey pads”) of babes….!!

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)

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