10 Year Old’s “Feeling” Saves 80 Year Old Woman’s Life

Today’s post for A Little Good News is another great story.  This one is about a 10 year old, who acted on a feeling that he had.  I love “hero” stories.  But, as I have said before, I love child hero”" stories even more.  I have a feeling that you are going to like today’s story, too.  We want to thank Pierre C. for letting us know about this great story.  10 year old Danny DiPietro was coming home late from attending a hockey game with his dad.  When they were almost home, Danny saw a garage door up and what looked like a dog (as they were going by pretty fast).  Danny had a feeling that something was wrong and he wanted to go back to check it out.  But, his dad didn’t think there was anything to worry about.  Even after arriving home, Danny couldn’t shake the feeling that he had about needing to go back and check on the dog.  He told his Mom about it and she also told him not to worry.  She was certain that the dog would be fine.  But, Danny couldn’t let it go.  The feeling wouldn’t leave him and he returned to his mother one more time, asking her if she would PLEASE go check.  He told her that he had a strong feeling that something was not right.  So, Danny’s mom finally put their own dog on a leash and went back to check on that garage door.  To her surprise, she DID find that something was happening on that garage, but it wasn’t a dog at all.  It was a woman waving her arms in the air. Danny’s mom was scared.  She ran back and told Danny’s father.  He ran up to the garage with a blanket and Danny’s mom called 911.  Later, the doctors said that the 80 year old woman had maybe an hour more before she may have died had Danny not gotten his mom to act on his feeling when he did!!  The woman (and her daughter) were so thankful that a young boy was so observant that late at night……and that he would have such strong feelings about something being wrong….and continuing to push until someone acted on those feelings of his.  Danny DiPietro is a TRUE HERO!!!  I’m sure that the feeling that he was getting was a prompting from God….and it was great that he was sensitive enough to it that it stayed with him!!  Way to go, Danny!!!

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)