Real Life “Bambi on Ice” Rescue

Who wants to see another animal rescue?  Usually when we see the “rescue” videos, it is of a dog or some other pet that someone left to die.  But, today’s ALGN post (our “Animal Post of the Week) is about a different kind of rescue.  Today, we are going to show you video of a real life “Bambi on Ice” rescue (thanks to Danielle C., who told us about this one)!!  A father and his son (I believe their names, if I got it right, are Doug and Chance Kennison).  Doug is the father.  He and his son live in Minnesota.  There is another video (not the one you will see — as I was not able to get it to work for our post — but it gave more / better information about the rescue, so I will use that as I explain it to you.  It appears that someone had told the father and son that they had seen some kind of animals that appeared to be stuck on the frozen over lake not too far from where they live in Minnesota. The Kennisons took their hovercraft over to check it out and found three deer, who had apparently walked out onto the frozen lake and kept falling down. The more they struggled to get up, the more they would fall down, taking them farther and farther out onto the frozen lake.  By the time the Kennisons got there, they were quite a ways from shore.  But, they were also exhausted and no longer even trying to get up.  The father and son felt like (based on the lack of energy of the deer) and the feedback they got from the people who told them about spotting them, that these animals could have been there for two or three days (this video says two days) before the father and son rescue team arrived.  They tied rope around their legs and used their hovercraft to pull them back to shore.  I don’t like the way that this video ends the rescue.  It leaves you wondering if the deer ever actually got up and lived.  But, in the other video I watched, the Kennisons say that the deer did eventually get up and walk off to freedom.  This rescue by these two men literally saved the lives of these three animals.  Again, I don’t think the video gives their work its proper due.  But, I am very impressed that they would do what they did to save them.  I hope you enjoy this quick video of saving lives.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)

real life Bambi on ice