Boy helps firefighters find him

A 13-year-old Maryland boy impeccably directed firefighters through his burning home to the room where he and sister were Sunday morning, ultimately saving their lives.Throughout the 11-minute call, Marcus can be heard leading firefighters to his location and bravely calming his little sister down. Marcus, 13, immediately called authorities when he saw smoke inside his home.He told the 911 dispatcher he was at home with his big brother, mother, step-father and 9-year-old little sister. At one point, the sister says “We’re going to die!” and Marcus responds “Stop! Please don’t say that!” The 13-year-old  boy remained calm, taking direction from the dispatcher all while checking on his family during a fire at his family home. The teen then flawlessly explained how firefighters could find him. The 911 dispatcher worked with the boy to keep his sister calm as firefighters worked hard to get to the family.  When firefighters arrived, they broke the wrong window to rescue the children, but Marcus quickly corrected the situation. One firefighter, 25-year-old Lt. Kevin Ward, got to the scene and immediately went upstairs to rescue Marcus when he felt his little sister tugging at his leg. Lt. Ward immediately took his air mask off and put it on the 9-year-old, ABC News said. The two siblings were treated for smoke inhalation at a nearby children’s hospital. Their mother, step-dad and brother were also taken to a nearby hospital but weren’t seriously injured. What amazing young man to save his family.  Way to go Marcus.

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