Family at the Firehouse

This story is about engine company #1 from Lansing Michigan.  This story is not about fighting fires.  This story is about family.  Tony has been coming to the firehouse since he was 13.  He doesn’t live there and he doesn’t work there but he is there for everything else.  He came to the firehouse when he was young and asked to stay.  Now everyone in the firehouse thinks of Tony as family.  They take care of him just like he belongs there.  They do his laundry, cook for him, even help bathe him.  He is truly family to them.   They all love Tony and he loves them.  They tell him that he will always have a place there at the firehouse.  This is how we should treat our family but isn’t amazing that men have taken in this an and made him “family”.   These firemen are so inspiring.  What a great group of people.

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family at the firehouse