A Puppy’s Best Friend

Here is a great video for all you pet lovers.  You don’t even have to like dogs to like this video.  Many people will tell you that sometimes the main reason a pet is taken to the pound is because of the arrival of a baby in the house.  This video will show you how babies and puppies can grow up together. It is so sweet watching the baby and the dog interact.   How sweet to watch the little one playing with the puppy and to watch the puppy playing with the baby but yet being so careful. As you watch you see the baby grow and the puppy too.  This video reminds us that there is room in the family for a dog and a baby.  Watch this video as the baby grows up and the puppy is always there to take care of the baby. Love animal videos and I love baby videos.  What could be better puppies and babies.

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A puppy's best friend.