Memorial Day Tribute

On this day we need to stop offer a tribute and remember all of those who gave their lives for us to have our freedom.  This video is a little longer than most that we post but the message is so powerful.  Take the time to watch.  It will touch your heart.  So many of us just can’t even understand the pain that the families of these lost soldiers know.  What we can do is take time to thank a soldier when you see them while you still can.  Walking through the airport, the mall or just on the street.  Stop them.  Shake their hands and tell them just how much their service means to not only you but to this country.  I am so proud when I hear of people who give up their seat in first class for a soldier going home. Or even to just acknowledge them on a flight.  Remember they chose to do this service.  There is no longer a draft that took our young men without their choice to serve.  These people made the choice and we should thank them.  Enjoy your holiday but remember who it is really for…. Our Heroes.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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Memoral day tribute