Still Man’s Best Friend

This may be a commercial for Pedigree dog food yet it tells an amazing story.  A story about man’s best friend.  This is a wonderful story of two men who having made some bad choices in their lives, served their time and when getting out of prison needed to straighten their lives out.  Finding themselves alone they looked to a pet to help them get their lives figured out.  Matt and Joey served their time and once released they looked for a way to start their lives over.  They started by adopting a dog for a companion.  Adopting the dogs end up boosting their self-esteem and helping to ease their reintegration into society.  This program is called First Days Out.  This time was very hard for them.  Changes that happened while they were in prison was shocking as they returned home.  After adopting the dog they were able to care for something that helped them start over.  Both men were able to get started over with a job and with people again.  This is a great program to help men like these but also help the pets that become their families.

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still man's best friend