A Tiny House is Just What She Needed

This is a story about a man who saw a need and met it.  It seems he had the resources and the desire to help a woman in his neighborhood who was living on the street.  She had nothing and no where to live.  So he created one.  It may not be the best place but it was better than what she had.  He did what he could with what he had.  He made a difference in her life.  And … he expected nothing in return.  What can we do to help others?  Is there something that you can do?  We may not all have the resources or the talent to build little houses.  We can do things like work at the food pantry.  Donate extra items to a shelter. Or just give something even more personal… like your smile as you pass a stranger on the street.  It doesn’t take much.  Every little bit helps.  Take the time to give to others.  You will receive much more joy in return.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Your friends at A Little Good News

A tiny house is just what she needed