Homeless Valedictorian Amazes All

It’s hard being a teenager.  There are lots of distractions that keep teenagers from getting good grades.  Here is a story of a boy that had alots of distractions.  Not the normal teenage distractions.  He lost his mother to cancer when he was 6 years old . Soon with his father and brother he became homeless and lived  in and out of different shelters.  In April just before finals and AP exams Griffin found himself homeless again.  But through it all Griffin Furlong was named Valedictorian of his high school.  Not only is graduating but Furlong was managed to earn a 4.65 GPA and was accepted to Florida State University. What an amazing story of an unbelievable young man.  Through all his ups and downs he never missed a day of school. His friends set up an online fund raising campaign that earned over $95,000 to help pay for college.  Griffin was overwhelmed and only wished that he could have his mom hear his speech.  He finished his speech with “It is amazing what you can do with your life, if you have motivation, ambition and a purpose”.  Way to go Griffin.  We wish you sucess in college and in life.

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Homeless valedictorian