Sheba Comes to America with Her Pups

Operation Puppy Rescue.  This is a story of a liter of pups and a bunch of soldiers in Afganistan.  It seems that these soldiers foung Sheba and she kind of adopted them.  Sheba then gave birth to a liter of puppies. These soldiers even went so far as to share their food with the dog and her pups.  They wouldn’t have made it without the soldiers. They cared for these puppies like their own.  When it came time for this group of soldiers to head home they wanted to bring these puppies home with them.  That is where Edwin Caba went to work with Guardians of Rescue.  They helped arrange with the help of some generous donations to ship the dogs from Afganistan to the New York.  These dogs gave Sgt.. Caba and his unit a sense of normalcy that they would not have had without them.  After the dogs arrived Candace (Sgt. Caba’s dog) went home to meet his other dog.  He said they are getting along fine.  They are perfect friends.  How great that a pet can help these men come back to their lives.  Thank you gentlemen for your service and to the your pets.  Glad you guys are together again.

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Sheba comes to America with her pups