Found Money Returned to Homeless Man

A police officer was patroling in Lauderdale by the Sea and discovered a couple plastic bags left under a park bench.  He took the bags to the station and turned them over to Police Detective Danny Mursell. There was over $5,000 dollars in cash in the bag with no identifying notes inside.  Soon another similar bag was turned over with another $4,000 inside. They found a clue.  A receipt was in side for a clothing store in the Coral Ridge Mall.  They were able to obtain video footage of the man who bought the clothes.  They distributed the picture to all the police in the area and shortly were able to locate the man.  They discovered that this homeless man had inherited a large sum of money from a relative and had accidentaly left it at the bench.  It tooks some fine detective work to reunited this man and his money.  He could not believe that there was still good people in the world who would turn over the money.  Now the homeless man is going to meet some family and try to get his life back in order.  We know ther are good people out there and we do wish this man the best luck.

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Found money returned to homeless man