Your Cupcakes Are Stale

This is a delightful video about a lady who owns a cupcake store.  She is a hardworking mother of 4. She has had a pretty rough life.  A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She has a son that has a dibiliterating disease and the medical  bills are climbing.  Jackie O has come along to help her out.  She is going to pretend to be a disgruntled customers saying that the cupcakes she was sold are stale.  When she returns the cupcakes she finds that she has received $10,000.  What a surprise for such a deserving mother.  She is understandably quite moved and can’t believe that someone would do this for her.  Isn’t it amazing when people are able to help out other people in need.  Not everyone can hand out $10,000 but you can do some things to make life easier for those around you that need help.  Please do what you can for others around you.  Take a moment to watch for needs.  Share when you do find a need with others who can also help.  We live in community to help eachother.  Be there for others.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Your friends at A Little Good News

your cupcakes are stale