A Special Crossing Guard

Brad Curtis is a local crossing guard in Jersey shore.  He is a retired contractor.  He loves to help the children. He says it keeps him young.  But that is not who gets all the attention at this cross street.  It is his helper, Patches , the crossing guard dog. They love how cute the dog is with the stop sign jacket that he wears.  He is very well trained.  When Brad brought along little Patches they all said that the dog needed a uniform also.  The kids just love the dog and the neighborhood think that he is just the perfect addition to the neighborhood.  Anything that will help the children follow the rules helps.  They all love watching the dog and he loves the children.  Thank you Mr. Curtis for bringing Patches to help you.  Of course, Patches will only be on duty until the weather changes.  When it gets cold, Patches has to stay home.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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A special crossing guard