Her Dads Walked her Down the Aisle

For most of her life, Brittany Peck has had two men vying for her love and attention: her father and stepfather.  As happens in many families Brittany’s mom and dad separated and divorsed while she was just a little girl.  Her mother remarried and Brittany came to live with her mom.  Her dad was a truck driver and on the road a lot.  He learned to love her step dad.  As she grew older the two men never liked each other and you could even say barely tolerated each other.  Now Brittany is getting married and she feels torn on her special day.  As her dad was walking her down the aisle he stopped to give her the best wedding present she could ever receive.  He went back to her step dad to get him and said he need to be there to walk “their ” daughter down the aisle.  Her step dad could not believe it.  It touched him so much to be a part of this special day.  They both walked her down the aisle and as they left her you could see the two “DADS” walking arm in arm away.  They both agreed that each played a special part in her life.  Way to go Dads. You two made the right choice and showed everyone how to handle this situation.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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Her dads walked her down the aisle