She Couldn’t Wait a Moment Longer

You can’t always wait.  This little girl was there with her family and many other families as they waited for their soldiers to return home.  As they came into the room she waited until she couldn’t wait any longer.  She ran to her daddy before he was dismissed.  Nothing could stop her and nothing could keep him from greeting this little girl. She returned back to her mom and waiting with everyone else until her dad was officially dismissed to run to her.  How sweet. We just don’t realize how much the families of our military suffer and give up for our freedom.  First Lt Daniel Oglsby was deployed to Kawait eight months ago. Not only that but Thursday was little Kara’s birthday.  What could be a better gift than having your daddy come home?  Christine, his wife, said that last time he came from home from deployment was the first time he met his little girl Kara when she was 2 months old.  This mom spent many nights reading to her little girls about deployment in a child’s book called “Lily Hates Goodbyes” where the little girl runs to her dad when he returns.  She clearly took a lesson from this book.  Welcome Home Lt. Oglesby and enjoy your time with your daughters. Thank you for your service.

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she couldn't wait a moment