So God Made A Dog

Those of you who have dogs will really understand and love this video.  Those of you who don’t have a dog may be able to understand the crazyness of people who love them.  These animals come into our lives usually as a cute puppy as a gift for a child.  Sometimes they are adopted older and just join the family.  You can’t figure out why you added them to your family and then before you know it you can’t figure out how you go on without them in your family.  This is just a beautiful poem with pictures that really portay the fellings you get when you have a dog in the family.  This tells us the things we already know  and somethings we don’t.  It reminds us of the loyalty of those friends we call dogs.  Take a moment and just enjoy this short video poem.  Share this those who love dogs, those who don’t and especially those who need to understand dogs.  It is one of the best descriptions I have ever seen for these furry members of our family members.  There is no better companion, friend, family and partner than a faithful dog.  Those that have never had one cannot understand the connection between a dog and his family.  Enjoy and Share

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So god made a dog