Teen finds wallet and returns it.

Here is a short video with a great story.  A young man found a wallet that contained $2300.  His family was struggling with expenses but he never considered keeping the money. He turned it in right away to his school officials.  The wallet was claimed by a veteran who had lost his wallet.  The boys family was so proud of him for being doing the right thing.  When his mother sent him a text telling her how proud she was of him his reply was “You should be thanking yourself, you raised me”.  See when (as a parent) you are never really sure if they hear you and understand your lessons then you see something like this and realize, they are getting it.  Great job Mom and Dad for teaching this young man right from wrong and how to do the right thing.  AND thank you Tommy for thinking of others and doing the right thing.  Also, thanks to the vet who did reward Tommy.  BTW – I am sorry, but this video does not stop at the end of this story but continues on with a weather report from a local station. We could not edit this so just accept my apologies for this at the end of this great story.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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teen find wallet and returns it