The Littlest Mailman

Carter and Postman Mike have been best buddies since Mike started delivering mail in his neighborhood.  The  four-year-old boy who idolizes his neighborhood letter carrier got the chance to see his hero in action. The United States Postal Service let the boy go behind the scenes and made him an honorary mailman for a day. The Knoxville Tennesee post office invited Carter to come to the post office and see what postman Mike does besides delivering mail.  They looked around and met the other postal workers.  Everyone was excited to meet Carter since they had heard so much about him.  They also presented him a gift of a hat and a little truck.  They gave him a certificate to make him an honorary post man.  How great for this post office to do this for this little 4 year old.  That is a bunch of caring individuals who would go out of their way to make this day special for this little guy. Great job  Knoxville.

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the littlest mailman