Wedding on a plane

What’s more romantic than a wedding? A surprise wedding at 30.000 feet, completely planned out by your future husband. Thomas Cook Facebook fan Alexander asked his clueless girlfriend to marry him on a plane. Did she say yes?  This video happened last year but it is so cute and is such a wonderful feel good story I had to share it when I found it.  It seems there was an airline company that offered a free wedding for a couple and their friends aboard their plane. The one catch was he had to ask her to marry him and arrange for the wedding on that flight with her family there.  Alexander said yes and the planning began.  Alexander worked very hard to make everything special for his bride to be and make sure that it would be a day she would never forget.  Can you imagine?  Not many of us could do this and get the result that he did.  What a compassionate man and an understanding a loving woman to accept all he had done and go forward with it happily.  Planning something special for others is wonderful but accepting what someone would do for you is also just as important.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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wedding on a plane