Woman wakes from coma to baby’s cry

A mother Shelly Cawley who slipped into coma after the birth of her child had miraculously woken up after the she heard her baby’s cries. The family of the woman thought they were going to say their last goodbye to the woman as they were escorted through the hallways of North Carolina Hospital. Her blood pressure was dangerously low (60/40, doctors later told the family) and her heart rate was soaring (more than 180 beats per minute). Cawley was hooked up to what doctors called “the last-chance ventilator,” a machine pumping air into her lungs with such force that it rattled her hospital bed with each artificial breath, her husband, Jeremy Cawley, said. They were willing to try anything to give this mom a reason to live.  So they stripped the baby down and put her skin to skin on her mother’s chest.  They wanted her to feel, smell and hear the baby giving her a reason to fight. And they thought Rylan Grace Cawley — just hours old — might be the only one who could help. They had to tickle and pinch the baby a bit to get her to cry so her mother could hear her. When the baby did, her mother’s vitals jumped . e said he was told it may have given her the strength she needed to push through. A week later, Shelly Cawley woke up and met her baby daughter. Even though in a coma the mother still knew her little girl was there and that she needed her.  What a heart warming story.

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woman wakes from coma to baby