Friends Helping Friends

Neighbors helping Neighbors.  What would you do to help a neighbor in need?  Here is a real feel good story.  There are many things that a farmer has to do but the one thing that matters the most is to harvest their crops.  This is a story about a farmer who became ill  with terminal cancer and was not able to get his crops in at harvest time.  That is when his neighbors came in to help.  Many farmers  help harvest hundreds of acres in one day to help friend with terminal cancer. When a small community in Illinois learned of a local farmer’s terminal cancer diagnosis, they pulled together the way they usually do and harvested all of his 450 acres of corn – in one day. Carl Bates, 55, of Galva, Illinois, has a “fast, aggressive cancer,” according to his younger brother.  When it was time to get his crops harvested his friends and neighbors came to help.  This is what friendship is all about.  They were able to accomplish something in one day that would have taken him much longer.  He was not able to get his crop in and would have lost this whole season.  His friends wouldn’t let that happen.  What a wonderful thing for them to do.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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friends helping friends