Thank You to the Veterans

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  I know this post should have been yesterday but when I found it I thought I still needed to share it.  It is a very well done example of honoring our veterans not just this day but any day.  How many of you take the time to say thank you when you board a plane with a uniformed soldier?  We should remember these soldiers who give up a lot for our freedom .  Thank you to all those veterans who have given so much and to those soldiers who are still working for us.  Next time you pass by a soldier be sure to thank them for their service.  Also, watch for those vets who wear hats proudly displaying their service.  Thank them everyday.  The joy you will get when you see them feeling appreciated is so worth it.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Your friends at A Little Good News