Amazing 3 Year Old Artist

We all have our hidden talents.  Some appear as we grow older.  This story is about a young child who is already showing his talent as an artist.  Zach (who is only 3 in this video) uses only his fingers to create some amazing pictures.  Watch as the artist does his work.  He taps and taps as the picture develops.  Don’t we all wish that we had just some of the talent of this little artist.  Just image what he will be able to do when he grows up.   Look inside and find the artist in you.  Share your talents (whether it be art or music or whatever your talent is) to bring joy to others.

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Amazing 3 year old artist

Unbelievable Reunion after 7 years

Our story today is about a pet reunion.  Well not just a pet but a member of the family.  I am sure many of you think of your pets as a member of the family. Thanks to Tim M for bringing us this wonderful reunion story.

This family had a tragedy 7 years ago that separated the Hartmans from their beloved pet Buddy.  About 7 years ago there were some wildfires in the San Diego area.  The Hartmans lost their home and pretty much everything in the Ramona wildfire.  But they still had Buddy.  Then they went to stay with some friends in El Cajon after the fire.  While staying there Buddy jumped the fence and ran away.  They searched everywhere but no sign of Buddy.  Now Buddy had been implanted with a microchip, so they were sure he would be found.  They searched and searched in hopes of a reunion.   The family has since relocated to Oklahoma but still thought about Buddy often.  Recently on a return visit to the San Diego area they got a call the very day they arrived that Buddy had been found.  Now 7 years late,r with the help of the microchip, they were able to identify Buddy as their dog and got the reunion they had so long awaited.  San Diego County animal service was able to reunite the family once again.

The Hartmans will tell you that if you can, please get a microchip for your pet so you too can have a reunion if you get separated.  The San Diego County animal services offers this for only $10.  Check with a County animal service department near you.

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Unbelievable reunion

Adoption Success Surprises Reporter

Thank you to Aubrey D. who brought us this story  about adoption which originates from Dallas/Fort Worth Channel WFAA channel 8. Recently this local station was honoring one of their own reporters for 30 years of service.  As one of the many stories that Gloria Campos reports on is Wednesday’s Child (children looking for adoption).  During these reports she tells the story of young children in the foster care system that are looking to families for adoption.  This story is about Ke’onte.  His story began with Gloria about 6 years ago when she first reported on him.  After the report his first adoption failed.  She then did another report two years later on this remarkable young man.  Scott and Carol Cook saw the report and knew that this young man should be their son. Two years ago Ke’onte even spoke before Congress to address the foster care system.

Now 14 years old Ke’onte surprises the reporter during the live celebration  report.  It is amazing what this one woman did to help many young children find the families they really belonged with through adoption.

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Wednesday's Child





One Man Helping Others — Video Will Touch You

Wow!  I really loved today’s ALGN video post about helping others (even though it is in another language).  It is a Thai television commercial, but, you don’t even know anything about the company or what they are promoting.  Instead, it is an incredible message about helping others, even when there is nothing in it for you. The commercial follows a young man in his daily life, as he goes out of his way to help so many strangers, helping out by giving of his money, his food, his strength, his time, etc.  In each case, you could see that there was no benefit to this man for helping.  You can even see the reactions of others who saw what he had done. They were shaking their heads in disbelief (and maybe even disappointment) as they saw him help others, who, I guess, in their opinion, did not deserve help.  The video goes on to show how others benefited from the help that he had given.  But, it then shows what he “got out of it.”  It points out that he got happy emotions out of it.  That is the help that he was given.  Doing these things made his life fuller and richer.  He was becoming a better and happier person by helping others.  What a GREAT message.  Watch it and see if you don’t agree.  I’m betting that many of you are going to want to share this great message with others.

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one man helping others

Proof: Expressing Gratitude Makes You Happy

Be Happy!!  I don’t care what you have going on today, you MUST watch this video.  If I could ORDER everyone to watch it, I would.  A BIG HEARTFELT (and HAPPY) Thank you to Mindy C. for sending this to me.  This may be my new all-time favorite ALGN Post.  Not because of how well it was done…frankly, it could have been done better.  But, because the message of how to be happy is SPOT ON!!  Yes, it is a tad bit longer than our usual ones….but WELL WORTH IT.  Make time for this video — and WATCH IT.  The folks at Soul Pancake came across a study that showed that, if you wanted to be happy, you needed to express gratitude more.  The study made sense, but they wanted to test it for themselves. So, they brought people in and asked them to score themselves regarding how happy they were. Then, they asked them to think of who had a great influence on their lives, etc.  After the test subjects did that, they had them write down what makes that person so special. They encouraged them to write a lot about how great that person was and why they were so grateful for them.  At this point, the test subjects thought they were done, but this was when the BIGGER surprise came to them. They were then asked to call that person RIGHT THEN and read them what they had written.  Apparently, some chose not to do it.  But, others did.  The results were phenomenal.  I know that we all would expect that the phone calls made the person they were grateful for happy.  But, did you think that it would also have the same impact on the person who was expressing gratitude?  Frankly, it may have been even MORE of an impact.  After this was done, they had the test subjects rank themselves on how happy they were NOW.  Interestingly, even the people who refused to make the phone call (and only had what they wrote and did not share it with anyone)  still ended up increasing in how happy they were.  The people who saw their score on the “happy meter” grow the most were the ones who made the phone call.  And, most interestingly, the people who started out the least happy, ended up being the people whose “HAPPY” scores grew the most.  What this study did NOT show (but it is true) was that constantly expressing gratitude also helps a person be more sensitive of others…and it certainly keeps you / makes you humble.  What a great combination (people who are more happy and more humble).  That is a group of people I would like to be around.  So, do you want to be happy?  SUPER.  Just go show lots of gratitude to others and you will be CURED (much more happy)!!  WOW.  I wish EVERYONE were required to learn this same lesson.  What a different world we would live in.

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Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)