An Unexpectant Visit for a Father

Going through a difficult time like a serious illness is hard enough when you are surrounded by your families but even harder when your family is far away.  This is one of those videos that really touch your heart.  This father is having a serious life threatening cancer surgery in only a few days.  He thinks his son is in the Philippines speaking to him on the phone.  But Surprise!  Here he comes his son … Standing behind him in the same room.Family is what we need to get us through these types of difficult situations.  This story is from last year and the update is that the Dad overcame the surgery, went cancer free for a year, now is fighting again with success. Best wishes to this family and use the strength of your family to get through it all.

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a visit for a father

Homecoming Ends with Proposal

Here is a recent story that has a wonderful happy ending with a proposal.  Ashley waited at the airport for her boyfriend to return from South Africa.  George and Ashley met in Cape Town South Africa while she was serving as a missionary there.  George said that he became fond of Ashley after seeing the love she had for the children she helped on her mission.  As Ashley waited for George to exit the plane she was greated with flowers from every other passanger that stepped off the airplane. George had even written Ashley a song which United Airlines played on the plane.  With an arm full of flowers the last person off the plane was George.  After their embrase, to her surprise,  George got down on one knee and proposed.  Ashley was shocked but, of course, said YES.

What a lovely story.  Two people who met while on a church mission end up falling in love and spending the rest of their lives together.  Thanks so much to Patricia M for bringing us this story.

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Homecoming turns into proposal

Soldier Surprises Daughter at Graduation

There is nothing better than watching your child graduate.   Thank you to Mark B. for this story.  This is a special graduation for Taylor Crafton a North Dakota high school student.  Her father, Chris Crafton is deployed overseas.  He has been deployed 9 times since she was three.  He has missed many special events during her life.  A friend of the family had a cut out picture made for Taylor so she could see her father there at her graduation.  To surprise the entire family (not just Taylor but her mom too) he was waiting backstage as they announced her name to recieve her diploma.

Don’t you just love these reunion stories?  I sure do.  I can’t get enough of these.  It was great that he was not only able to be there but was also able to surprise the entire family.  You can sure see the joy in her face when she sees her dad and when she talks about him afterwards.

Thanks again to Mark B for sharing this story.  Do you have a story to share- one that will bring joy to others who watch it?  Please send it our way and we will share it for you.  Just send it to alittlegoodnewsmail@gmail. com or message us on our facebook page.

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soldier surprises daughter at graduation

Unbelievable Reunion after 7 years

Our story today is about a pet reunion.  Well not just a pet but a member of the family.  I am sure many of you think of your pets as a member of the family. Thanks to Tim M for bringing us this wonderful reunion story.

This family had a tragedy 7 years ago that separated the Hartmans from their beloved pet Buddy.  About 7 years ago there were some wildfires in the San Diego area.  The Hartmans lost their home and pretty much everything in the Ramona wildfire.  But they still had Buddy.  Then they went to stay with some friends in El Cajon after the fire.  While staying there Buddy jumped the fence and ran away.  They searched everywhere but no sign of Buddy.  Now Buddy had been implanted with a microchip, so they were sure he would be found.  They searched and searched in hopes of a reunion.   The family has since relocated to Oklahoma but still thought about Buddy often.  Recently on a return visit to the San Diego area they got a call the very day they arrived that Buddy had been found.  Now 7 years late,r with the help of the microchip, they were able to identify Buddy as their dog and got the reunion they had so long awaited.  San Diego County animal service was able to reunite the family once again.

The Hartmans will tell you that if you can, please get a microchip for your pet so you too can have a reunion if you get separated.  The San Diego County animal services offers this for only $10.  Check with a County animal service department near you.

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Unbelievable reunion

Passengers Honor Fallen Soldier

I am happy to say that more and more you see soldiers honored when they arrive on a commercial flight.  I am always pleased to see people taking the time to thank a soldier when they see them boarding a flight.  This video shows even more.  Before the doors were even closed the flight attendants recognized several members of the military as they boarded the flight.  Right before the landing everything changed.  The pilot came on and alerted the passengers not to be alarmed but that this was a special flight carrying a fallen soldier with a military escort.  The plane would be met by local firefighters with a water cannon salute.  The plane went silent showing the respect due this American hero.

What an honor to be on board this plane to show your respect and honor a fallen soldier.  These passengers waited and allowed the escorts to leave the plane first and join the family as they removed the casket from the plane.   Remember the sacrifices our military endure for our freedom.  Stop and say thank you or give your seat next time you see a soldier.

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passengers salute fallen soldier


U.S. Marine Surprises Brother at Practice

Here comes another military homecoming video.  I know that many of you like them as much as I do, so I decided to post another one today.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this particular reunion is a little over a year old, but I loved it!  I had never seen it until yesterday.  I hope you like it as much as I did.  And I know that the mom of these two boys has to be feeling pretty proud of these two men.  The story goes like this:  Two brothers were raised in really tough financial conditions.  The older brother — even being only 22 months older than his sibling — always looked out for his younger brother.  Then, after high school, the older brother joined the marines.  The younger brother became a star at the University of Illinois in Basketball.  The younger brother even says that the day his older brother first left for boot camp, he went into his room and cried.  He had ALWAYS had him around.  What was he going to do now?  At the end of one tour of duty, the older brother (Bailey Leonard) decided to surprise his little brother (Meyers).  Meyers thought that Bailey was still in Afghanistan.  He and his team were just completing a shootaround early in the day of a game against Michigan.  Bailey surprises his little brother (who towers over him).  It is a GREAT moment.  Not talked about at all in this video is that, later on, Meyers would be a first round draft pick by the Portland Trailblazers.  These two brothers have a bond that is impressive. I think their mom did a wonderful job of raising them the right way..in spite of doing it on her own.

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us marine surprises brother

High Schoolers’ Votes Will Amaze You!!

High School can be a very difficult time for many young men and women.  Some people say it was the hardest time in their life.  Generally speaking, when they do speak this way, it is not so much the academic challenges that they remember as being the hardest part of their high school years, but the social challenges (bullying, teasing, emotional harassment, etc.).  Today’s post for A Little Good News is about a group of high schoolers (the majority of the student body of the whole high school, in fact) who showed maturity beyond their years in making their high school’s football homecoming extremely special for a young woman with disabilities at their school.  Jessica Giddens will never forget this great night.  Her fellow students voted her to be their high school’s homecoming queen.  This video is great, as it lets you hear from her, her mother and father…and a few of her fellow students.  Her mother told the news team that, even days afterwards, Jessica still hadn’t taken off her crown.  She just didn’t want to be without it.  I want to thank Aubrey D. for sending me this great video.  It is a little over one year old, but it is so great, I felt that everyone needed to see this.  When the high school students at Lakeside High School are doing something like this (and feeling the way that they are about it — instead of the vanity and fragile egos that haunts many high school campuses), it gives me INCREDIBLE hope for our future!!  GO, LAKESIDE!!! You just got another fan of your school!!

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High Schoolers votes will amaze you

Another Great Military Homecoming Surprise

I know we did a military homecoming surprise last week, but we found this one and hope you like it, as well.  Thank you, Denise S., for finding it for us.  Today’s post for “ALittleGoodNews.com” is about Master Sergeant Joseph Martell.  He had been serving in the military in Afghanistan for quite a while.  The military allowed him to return home a month early.  Master Sergeant Martell and his wife decided to keep it a secret from their son, who was one of the captains of his high school football team in Brussels, Belgium.  I’m sure that being able to come home early from the military and just being there would have been a big enough of a surprise, but Martell decided to do it one better.  He worked it out to get a uniform of the opposing team and he stood patiently on the sidelines, watching his son play the game for three quarters.  Then, after the 3rd quarter was over, the referees called a meeting with the captains of each team at the 50 yard line to discuss Sportsmanship (or, at least, that was what all of the players thought.  However, it was just a clever disguise set up between Martell, the coaches and the referees.  Once they get to the 50 yard line, Master Sergeant Martell removes his helmet and the reaction by his son is priceless.  Just seconds before, he thought his dad was with the military in Afghanistan.  But now he sees him, standing in front of him.  The reunion is a great one.  Thank you, Master Sergeant Martell…and every other person serving in the military / armed forces to protect our country!!  And, more importantly, thank you for being a great father and for taking that role as seriously as you do.

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Another military reuinion