Second Grader’s Buddy Bench

HAPPY MONDAY MORNING!!!  Today, we want to introduce you to the Buddy Bench.  Our post today is not the greatest video (as it appears that it was somebody filming their TV), but it was the best version that I could find on the internet.  A young second grader named Christian attends Roundtree Elementary in York, Pennsylvania.  Recently, he went to Germany on a trip with his family and he saw something there that he really liked.  It was a bench where people could come sit on it and make new friends.  He decided that he wanted to take this bench idea to the principal at his school.  He had noticed that there were a lot of lonely students and school.  If their school could have a “Buddy Bench”, perhaps some of those lonely kids could sit on the bench and have someone else come over and sit on the bench with them and be their friend…and help them to have a better day.  When I saw this video (it was sent to me by a good friend, Sharon A. — THANK YOU, Sharon), I immediately thought of all of the bullying that goes on in schools.  I was so impressed that this young boy thought of a way to not only combat the loneliness, but even use his bench as an Anti-Bullying device.  The video mentions that this idea is inspiring schools across the country to think of doing something similar to this bench at their school.  Way to go, Christian!!  Whether you think you are or not, you are a HERO.  There will be students who will have better days…and make new friends because you not only had the idea for the “Buddy Bench”, but more importantly, you ACTED on that idea!!  I hope this idea DOES take off across the country.  We all could use more buddies in our lives……..and maybe even a few more benches, too!!

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)

buddy bench