Autistic Son Pulls Mom from Burning Car

Tyler Gianchetta knew something was terribly wrong. Tyler and his mom were in the car driving. They were going somewhere in Long Island New York when as they were talking his mother stopped speaking to him.  ”She didn’t answer me”, he said. He even asked her if she was ignoring him.  She started shaking and and then crashed into a tree.  He immedately pulled his mom out of the burning car as the car burst into flames.  Tyler broke his own hand in the process but definately saved his mother’s life.  Tyler has autism and has beaten the odds as an 18 year old college honor student.  His dad said that they have always shown Tyler how to be responsible and take care of others.  His mother has no memory of the crash and why she blacked out.  He doesn’t want to be called a hero.  He knows that he did what he had to do to save his mom at whatever cost to himself.  It is amazing what strength we find in ourselves when put in an emergency situation.  Way to go Tyler. You have grown up to be an amazing young man.  Your mom and dad should be proud.

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autistic son pulls mom from burning car