Unusual Runner Joins the Race

On May 15, 2011, the Maryland Half Marathon had an unusual and unexpected competitor – a four-legged canine named Dozer. E:60 takes you to the course and reveals how Dozer reached the finish line and bested thousands of runners.  Dozer, a Goldendoodle watched as the race passed by his house.  He usually has an electric fence that keeps him in his yard but on this day the fence is not working due to a power outage.  So when the group of 2000 runners started coming by Dozer joined in.  He ended up not only running the remainder 8 miles but then back home.  The race was to raise money for the local cancer center.  They set up a fund raising page for Dozer and within hours he raised almost $45,000. Dozer raised more money than any other competitor in the race. It was great to see how people react to this dog joining the race.  How wonderful for Dozer to be able to help raise money for the Cancer center.   Thanks to Tammy H for sharing this story.  Are you up for a marathon?  Not all of us are but when you see friends who are and they need a sponsor to help a cause like the cancer center.. step up. Join the group and make a difference like Dozer did.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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An unusual racer for the cure.