Animals Saving Animals

Here is just a short but wonderful animal video to end your week.  We have seen some great rescues with people jumping in to save people from scary situations.  This video is one of animals stepping in to saving other animals.  Watch as these animals reach out to other animals.  It is amazing that they take no regard to what type of animals is in need.  You see elephants helping elephants but you also seea hippo helping a zebra and bear helping a bird.  Our world is a huge place and we can still learn lessons from nature around us as we just keep alert and take care of each other.  This is a wonderful display of nature caring for nature.  Let’s all take a lesson from our animal friends and watch out for each other.  Have a great weekend.  Keep an eye out for someone in need.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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Animals saving animals