Best Proposal Ever

Have you ever seen these types of special proposals?  Some have people surprise their loved one and take them to special places to propose. This one is amazing. This guy not only thought of a great plan to propose but he created a movie and then he made arrangements to have his girlfriend to go to the movies with her brother to see the “trailer” before the movie they were set to see. She watched and wondered thinking that she recognized the voices in this trailer that they were watching.  She listened and then asked her brother if he thought that was “dad’s voice” in the movie.  As she watches the movie unfold it becomes more and more clear.  You need to watch this.  It is the best proposal ever.  Take a few moments to watch this great proposal.  It is the best ever really.  You can do wonderful things for those you love (maybe not to this extent).  Even the smallest act can be appreciated by your friends and family.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Your friends at A Little Good News

Best proposal ever