Amazing Found Dog Story

This dog and her owner were in a bad traffic accident in the desert back in June.  Volunteers have been looking for the dog for the last 65 days.  They had an idea that the dog was in a certain area so they set a trap to bring her home.  Rose Sherman thought she would never see her sweet Ily ever again.  During the accident Ily ran off scared after the crash.  A group of volunteers watched the cage and listened on a baby monitor for the dog to wander in.  Finally she came by and they were able to trap the dog so that they could bring her home to her family.  Ily had avoided all human contact until she was reunited with Rose.  What a wonderful reunion it was.  Rose thought she might never see her faithful dog again.  Rose is still recuperating from her injuries she sustained in the accident.  Ily had missed a few meals but for being in the desert for 65 days she looks extremely well and is very glad to be back home with Rose.  What an amazing reunion.

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amazing dog story

Unbelievable Reunion after 7 years

Our story today is about a pet reunion.  Well not just a pet but a member of the family.  I am sure many of you think of your pets as a member of the family. Thanks to Tim M for bringing us this wonderful reunion story.

This family had a tragedy 7 years ago that separated the Hartmans from their beloved pet Buddy.  About 7 years ago there were some wildfires in the San Diego area.  The Hartmans lost their home and pretty much everything in the Ramona wildfire.  But they still had Buddy.  Then they went to stay with some friends in El Cajon after the fire.  While staying there Buddy jumped the fence and ran away.  They searched everywhere but no sign of Buddy.  Now Buddy had been implanted with a microchip, so they were sure he would be found.  They searched and searched in hopes of a reunion.   The family has since relocated to Oklahoma but still thought about Buddy often.  Recently on a return visit to the San Diego area they got a call the very day they arrived that Buddy had been found.  Now 7 years late,r with the help of the microchip, they were able to identify Buddy as their dog and got the reunion they had so long awaited.  San Diego County animal service was able to reunite the family once again.

The Hartmans will tell you that if you can, please get a microchip for your pet so you too can have a reunion if you get separated.  The San Diego County animal services offers this for only $10.  Check with a County animal service department near you.

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Unbelievable reunion

Man’s Final Wish to be Reunited with Dog

How many people get to have their final wish granted?  Were you looking forward to our weekly “pet” post for “”?  If so, today is your lucky day.  Even if you are not a big pet lover, I think you will LOVE seeing how this man’s former pet dog (Yert) came back to make his final wish come true.  She stayed with him in his last days in hospice.  As the video points out, this wonderful pet was there for her former owner, even in death.  We dare you to watch this video and try to not be touched by how much love our pets can bring (and how much love they HAVE for their owners).  I’m sure that Yert helped her owner (a homeless man) have his final wish granted and die with a much bigger smile on his face, but you can tell by the pictures that it was also a wonderful time for Yert, as well.  Doesn’t this video make you want to go give your pet a hug today?

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man's final wish to be reunited with dog