Dog Saves Little Girl

This is a story from last winter about a little girl who wandered off from the family home.  Search and Rescue teams searched the area for 15 hours looking for missing three year old Victoria. She had wandered away from her home on a cold February night and got lost in the woods behind her house. Finally she was found and it was discovered that their family dog, Blue, a Queensland Heeler, had stayed with her all night and kept her warm in the cold temperatures. What a hero Blue is! Those that have pets in their family realize not only how much those pets mean to their family but also how much the family means to the pets.   You can tell it in this story of the little girl.  The dog knew she was not where she should be and that there was no one to take care of her except him.  So that is just what he did. He took care of her.  Who would know that it would turn out to be the family dog that saves her. What a great family member….even though he is a dog, he is a member of this family.

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Dog saves little girl