Twin Brothers Find Each Other after 70 Years

I first need to warn you that this video today is very long.  The good news is you can get the majority of the story in just the first few minutes.  It is a great story that is worth the time to watch the entire story but if you don’t the best part (the reunion) is just a few minutes in.  Now for the story. This is a great story of two men who were born brothers but were separated at birth.  They did not even know that they were brothers let alone that they were twins.  They were removed from their mother when she was sent a labor camp in Germany.  They were adopted by two different families.  One brother only learned he was adopted when he went into the army. They knew that one day they would find each other.  They made arrangements to meet each other in Poland.  Once they met they spoke that they will not look back that the past is the past and they needed to look forward  and get to know each other.  The Red Cross helped then find each other and found information about their father in a museum – that he was an American soldier.  They found that by error the children were sent to Poland without their mother being notified.  So she didn’t give them up but that they were removed.  Now they have found each other and that is all that matters. How wonderful for these two men to find each other.

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Two brothers find each other

Soldier Returns Home

I never get enough of these reunion stories.  Here is one from some time ago but it never gets old.   This one is a little different.  I found this story that shows us just what it is like to be a family of a soldier who is deployed.  We can’t imagine the heartache of the holidays without them.  The time missed when infants grow up without their parent there to see the “firsts”.  This video is a bit longer than most of our stories but I thought you might like to see what they feel through their eyes as they wait and wait for Dad to be excused from duty and return to them.  Skip to the end if you need to save time but don’t miss the joy in the faces of these kids as their dad comes home.    The sacrifices our soldiers make each day to serve our country are many.  I do believe that the sacrifices the family makes by not having them around is also priceless.   We can’t thank you enough for your service to our country.  We also thank the families for all the sacrifices they experience during their deployment.  Welcome Home SFC Dustin Freitas.

Here is a link to another video from this family when he was able to surprise the kids for a 2 week visit.

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Soldier returns home

Unbelievable Reunion after 7 years

Our story today is about a pet reunion.  Well not just a pet but a member of the family.  I am sure many of you think of your pets as a member of the family. Thanks to Tim M for bringing us this wonderful reunion story.

This family had a tragedy 7 years ago that separated the Hartmans from their beloved pet Buddy.  About 7 years ago there were some wildfires in the San Diego area.  The Hartmans lost their home and pretty much everything in the Ramona wildfire.  But they still had Buddy.  Then they went to stay with some friends in El Cajon after the fire.  While staying there Buddy jumped the fence and ran away.  They searched everywhere but no sign of Buddy.  Now Buddy had been implanted with a microchip, so they were sure he would be found.  They searched and searched in hopes of a reunion.   The family has since relocated to Oklahoma but still thought about Buddy often.  Recently on a return visit to the San Diego area they got a call the very day they arrived that Buddy had been found.  Now 7 years late,r with the help of the microchip, they were able to identify Buddy as their dog and got the reunion they had so long awaited.  San Diego County animal service was able to reunite the family once again.

The Hartmans will tell you that if you can, please get a microchip for your pet so you too can have a reunion if you get separated.  The San Diego County animal services offers this for only $10.  Check with a County animal service department near you.

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Unbelievable reunion