He Helps the Homeless in an Amazing Way

This is an amazing story about a retired Minnesota teacher known as the ‘Sandwich Man’ who is dedicating every day of his life the helps the homeless.  Allen Law has dedicated his life to helping the homeless in Minneapolis.  He retired from work as a teacher to start his new career providing for people who need help.  He goes out each night driving a van taking what is needed to the people who need it the most.  Does he do it alone?  No but without his help it wouldn’t get done. 363 is the number on the side of his van.  ”That number represents the days that most people don’t think of the poor”says Allen.  ”I will be out there every night”.  There  is no stopping him.  He hands out sandwiches, bus tokens, socks and other necessities.  He uses what he has and what others share with him to make this happen. Like his brother who offered for him to use his apartment while he was away and Allen filled it with socks, blankets and storage of other donations. That is not to mention his own house and the 17 freezers that hold the sandwiches that the churches and civic organizations make for him. Over 700,00 sandwiches which he drops off at homeless shelters.  He is a special kind of man.  Thank you Allen for your dedication.  You are amazing.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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He helps the homeless in Amazing ways