Secret Service Dogs

USSS-K-9 Jordan is a Belgian Malinois.  He looks alot like a German Shepherd.  He is not an average dog.  He is a secret service agent.  So is K-9 agent Hurricane.  They are stationed at the White House to protect it.  Last week they were called into action when an intruder got on the White House lawn. Their breed is chosen for their agility and eagerness to serve.  They are able to run twice as fast as an olympic runner.  There are 73 other dogs in the secret service. They get 20 weeks of training and continue to work until they are 10 years old. When they retire they get to live with the families of their handlers.  These special dogs do a great service to our country. How amazing are these dogs.  They are devoted to their jobs as protectors.

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secret service dogs