Twin Brothers Find Each Other after 70 Years

I first need to warn you that this video today is very long.  The good news is you can get the majority of the story in just the first few minutes.  It is a great story that is worth the time to watch the entire story but if you don’t the best part (the reunion) is just a few minutes in.  Now for the story. This is a great story of two men who were born brothers but were separated at birth.  They did not even know that they were brothers let alone that they were twins.  They were removed from their mother when she was sent a labor camp in Germany.  They were adopted by two different families.  One brother only learned he was adopted when he went into the army. They knew that one day they would find each other.  They made arrangements to meet each other in Poland.  Once they met they spoke that they will not look back that the past is the past and they needed to look forward  and get to know each other.  The Red Cross helped then find each other and found information about their father in a museum – that he was an American soldier.  They found that by error the children were sent to Poland without their mother being notified.  So she didn’t give them up but that they were removed.  Now they have found each other and that is all that matters. How wonderful for these two men to find each other.

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Two brothers find each other