Girl finds sister on Facebook

Katie is looking for her mom an sister.  She has been looking for years and decided to finally try social media. She started a facebook page and posted a video of her reading a sign she created with all the details of her life and her family that she was looking for.  Within hours she was given the contact information of her sister. They were able to connect on the phone.  ”It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be”, she said.  It was like they knew each other always.  What a wonderful thing this social media is when it can help families come together.  Let’s all spend our time on social media helping eachother like this situation.  What a wonderful story.  I look forward to hearing more great stories like this families coming together.  We can help people in many ways.  Watch for these ways when they come to you.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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sisters reunited on facebook