Team Helps Save Boy

Here is a story that just reminds us that there are some wonderful kids out there in the world today. A middle school student was by himself over by  Fenton High School football field.  He was approached by a middle aged man the boy ran away towards the football field.  When the football team saw what was happening they got between the man and the young boy.  The man was gesturing to the boy to come to him.  The boy told the team, “Do let him take me”.  They not only got him away from the man but even took a picture of his license plate and a description of his vehicle.  The team came together as a team to help rescue the boy.  They feel like they learned what to do by seeing this scenerio from movies and tv.  The police said they could not arrest the man since he did not actually do anything wrong but they will keep an eye on him and thankfully that little boy is safe because of this team and how they jumped to his rescue.  Way to go boys.  Watching your surroundings always is the best.  Great job.

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A team saves a boy

The Kindness of a Stranger — Cerebral Palsy Edition

Don’t you love hearing about the kindness of a stranger…especially when complete strangers step in and help someone in need? 

When I see stories like this, it gives me renewed hope for the future of our society.  Stories about the kindness of a stranger are some of the most touching ones I see.  Today’s post is one of those great stories.   And, as is often the case, it starts out with some bad news about what some mean criminals did to a helpless woman.  They took advantage of a woman who is not only deaf, but has cerebral palsy.  They kicked her in the face and punched her and to top it off, they then stole her iPad.  But the story takes a GREAT turn towards a “happy ending” — all because of the kindness of a stranger…a COMPLETE stranger who just wanted to try and help this woman know that there are good people in the world!!

I hope this story makes your day…and that it inspires you to continue to be the light that you are to others!!

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

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