Tortoise to the Rescue (Slowly)!!

It is time for ALGN’s  “Animal Post of the Week”.  This week, instead of the usual animals we have had, we are posting one of a tortoise being the hero.  It is a very simple message, but a great one, nonetheless.  We want to thank Dick C. for sending this our way.  Oftentimes, we don’t give animals much credit for having feelings / concern for others.  Today’s post proves otherwise.  It is a video of two tortoises. One tortoise is upside down, with no hope, whatsoever of ever getting right side up.  But, his situation changes when his fellow “Good Samaritan” tortoise sees the predicament that he is in.  He moves over and helps get his buddy right side up so that they both can move on with their day.  It seems that this tortoise acted like there was no other option.  Why can’t we, in the human world, be more like this tortoise?  We need to feel that their is no other option but to stop and help when we see someone in trouble.  And, as we do, we will find that OUR day (and our life) becomes much better as we spend our time helping others.  Thank you, Mr. Tortoise, for the friendly little reminder that you gave me today.

Have a GREAT day…by making it a great day for someone else!!!

Loren Dalton (The “Good News” Guy)