A True Dedication

This is a story of an incredible woman.  As a young girl she made a comittment to a man that she didn’t even know.  Back in the 70s  when the Vietnam war was happening many people took a vow to wear a MIA bracelet for a soldier that was missing in action.  Many days, months and years went by.  Some men returned home and the people wearing their bracelet would be able to remove the bracelet once they returned home.  Not for one soldier and the girl who was wearing his bracelet.  After 4 decades she gets the word that his remains were located.  It was Christmas day 1972 when 12 year old Kathy Strong found her bracelet in her stocking.  She took her committment very seriously.  She wore this bracelet and never took it off.  She said she even wore it through an MRI.  This was not a promise that she took lightly.  She wore the name James Moreland until she was told that his remains were found and were brought home to be buried. She didn’t remove the bracelet until she could put it on his uniform in his coffin. She sat with his family at the funeral even though she had never met this man.  She had always dreamed of the day when she would take off the bracelet and meet the man she was wearing it for.  What dedication to follow through a promise you made as a child long into your adult life.  Thank you for your servie Kathy.

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a true dedication